Surviving Trauma

Are You Hurting?

Hi There,

Having worked with trauma survivors for years, I have found one trait that most victims of rape, incest, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse have in common prior to healing: they feel it is somehow their fault that they were wounded by someone else.

I am here to tell you that you are not responsible for what has been done to you. This lie is perpetuated by keeping your woundedness a secret. While bringing hurts to the surface and dealing with them outright can be painful, your courage will serve you and your loved ones well.

While it is not your fault you were wounded, you are the only one who can take responsibility for your healing. Friends and family can support you. But you have to initiate and continue in the healing process which often involves godly counsel. My goal is to help you heal from your hurts so you may grow into the person God intends for you to be. I encourage you to be planted in a good local church that is Christ centered (gives the Spirit of Christ priority) and teaches the Word of God. If you are recovering from trauma, you need to be around people who can give you the unconditional love you need while undergoing deep emotional healing.

Abuse that originates with an authority figure can damage your view of God, your employer, or other authority figures. It can make it difficult for you to feel close to God and severely limit your knowledge of His compassion and understanding. I am here to help you walk through the process of reconnecting with and trusting in God for all that you need.

Warm regards,
Barbara Kohler, Founder